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TND Marketing - About Us

Dimensional Services:

Project Management
Radio Production Manager (Internet & BlogTalk)
Entertainment Artist Consulting
Social Media Management
Brand Development
Strategic Marketing
Press Release
Production Stage Manager
Video Sizzle Reel

The Company

Our objective is to be your one stop shop for the implementation of your projects, marketing and communication initiatives – with an approach to provide a superior level of service.

Since 2002, TND Marketing has been on the cutting edge of Branding, Creative Concepts, Public Relations, Marketing, Project Management, Stage production management and Strategic planning with a focus on entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, entertainment and telecommunication.  We provide a detailed understanding of the new and evolving markets, technology, legal contracts, touring, and business strategies we target market awareness and attitudes necessary to deliver positioning and fulfill the marketing objectives.

The Next Dimension Marketing & Management, LLC (“TND Marketing“) is dedicated to providing outstanding project management plans, marketing and management consulting services to small and emerging business looking for opportunities to maximize their business potential.  TND Marketing works with clients to develop concrete action plans that will guide the business to the next dimension and direction.  Providing assistance to our clients seeking a creative effective strategic development plan for a successful comprehensive process.

Our marketing and project management team are professionally trained and equipped to bring a broad range of marketing, project management, photography, sound production, web design, branding, and sales experience.  We specialize in project scope management, procurement management, quality management, time management and management consulting.  As part of branding our clients product and services, with an emphasis in Scope planning, executing, monitoring & controlling closing, performance training, negotiating deals, stage management, planning events and artist management services helps us evaluate the strengths and opportunities of marketing strategies.

Our Mission Statement

The TND Marketing Mission is to serve as the ultimate project manager, marketing consultant and to advise and counsel talented personalities, emerging Entrepreneurs.  Our passion is to manage, create and develop exceptional project schedule plans design for success while leading our clients seeking honest representation to maximize their business potential.