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Stage Production Manager

As a leader in business stage managing services, TND Marketing is positioned to deliver unmatched solutions while able to stage both simple and elaborate shows for all types of audiences and venues. TND will also enhance the theme and tone of the event using flawless organizational skills, techie logic, and the ability to concentrate under intense pressure. TND Marketing will meticulously record the timing and Technical program planning of the show.
· Creativity & VisionTND Marketing  adds a creative outlook for styling the most electrifying staging innovative shows, and envisioning dynamic event themes to showcase products and generate audience excitement.
· Communication & LeadershipTND Marketing  is skilled in communicating with all staff and volunteers to ensure all members of the event team are on track and serve with the spirit of excellence.
· Coordinate upfront logisticsTND Marketing ensures that all event details and processes are in place. Communicate theme and details to sound engineer, lighting crew, event coordinator, makeup artists, and hair specialists.

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